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What We Offer

Choose the program that’s right for you:

Teacher-Directed Program: An asynchronous program where a student works at their own pace for all subjects under the guidance of a certificated teacher.

The Combined Program: An asynchronous program where the student works under the guidance of a certified teacher for a minimum of 50% at the elementary and Jr. High level, and 20% at the Sr. High level.

Parent-Directed Program: A program where the parents are responsible for the student’s program. A facilitator will help setup and support, and evaluate student progress.

Parent-Directed Program (Traditional Home Schooling) Combined Program (Traditional and On-line) Teacher-Directed Program (On-line)
Parent Role Parent plans and directs child’s educational program at home. Parent provides a program plan to Facilitator Parents choose to direct some subjects and teachers direct others. Parents plan and direct programs for parent-directed subjects Parents are expected to be in the home supporting and encouraging the student during the school day
Teacher Role Facilitator supports and supervises program, and assists as needed. Facilitator assists high school students with assessment, credit information and career planning Teachers are responsible for delivering the content and assessing the teacher-directed subjects Elementary teacher directs and assesses subjects via telephone, fax or Firstclass email. Jr. and Sr. High subject specialists assist with the course completion, teach all subjects contact students via email, fax, telephone, instant messaging
Student Role Students interact with parents for entire program, and receive support from your Teacher Advisor Students submit assignments in teacher-directed subjects to teachers. Students interact with parents for parent-directed subjects Students are required to regularly contact their teachers via Firstclass email, fax, telephone or instant message in Firstclass regarding assignments, projects, etc.

Each program offers:

  • Support of your personalized program
  • A comprehensive program for high school students
  • A dedicated staff of experienced Alberta certificated teachers whose primary aim is to serve students and their families
  • An Educational Program Plan checklist
  • A dedicated office staff, Central Office staff, and Board of Trustees
  • Newsletters
  • Group meetings in major centers of the province
  • Personalized service by all program personnel