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In the early 1980s Alberta parents lobbied the government for the right to educate their children at home. Some parents questioned the role of the traditional education system, while other parents maintained that the religious principles of their faith supported their right. In 1988, after several legal battles, the Alberta government granted parents the right to educate their children at home under the supervision of a school board.


Shortly after this legislation was passed, a few parents approached Brady Long, then Principal of St. Jerome’s School in Vermilion, with the request to register as home schoolers with his school. The number of registered home schoolers grew considerably and the Vermilion Home Schooling Program was formed. As one of the original home schooling programs, it received its official school status in 1990 and is still a welcoming and supportive home schooling program.


In 1996, Alberta Education introduced the Blended Program where students could attend some classes in a school environment and some classes at home. School of Hope became a registered school in 1996 and began offering the Blended Program. Still active today, our blended program is called a Combined Program where parents and teachers share the responsibility for providing programs to meet the educational needs of our students. School of Hope also offers an on-line program where teachers are responsible for directing all of a students program delivery and assessment.


Today, the School of Hope and Vermillion Home Schooling are widely considered leaders in distance and home-based education, serving thousands of students and their families.