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Student Stories

Actor earns his marks on set

Starring in a popular television show doesn’t leave enough time to attend a traditional school. That’s one of the reasons why Brendan Meyer attends the School of Hope. He has been a student since grade 7. Now in in grade 12, he is working towards graduation.

Despite his busy acting schedule, Brendan finds time to study. You make time to study, he says. I can study at home or during breaks during on the show. It’s easy to access the courses and my teachers. While Brendan strives to study for 3 hours a day, he can bank time if he studies for longer periods. His teachers are only an email away and he can chat with them online, too.

Brendan values his education and being able to balance his studies with acting. I don’t want to sacrifice my education because I am busy with the show. When I am done shooting the show, I haven’t lost two-years of school.

There is more time to explore your interests and passions when you study online. One of Brendan’s passions is reading Shakespeare. There is more flexibility to student what interests you as long as you complete your assignments. Instead of doing a book that is assigned, I could read Shakespeare and achieve the same result.

His advice to students considering distance education is simple. The School of Hope is one of the best places to go. You’ve got a great support network of students and teachers.

Mixing travel with studies works for Miss Teen Canada International

After winning Miss Teen Canada International, Nakita Kohan enrolled in the School of Hope. With a hectic schedule, she needed the flexibility to get her schoolwork done and make public appearances. I do events all over Alberta and will be travelling to Toronto soon, says Nakita.

Her friend, Brendan Meyer, recommended the school to her. The experience has been good, she says. I was worried about whether I would be able to study for at least 3 hours a day. It seemed daunting but the teachers are really good and they supply you with lots of multimedia to keep you interested.

Nakita has a visual learning disability, so being able to learn at her own pace is important, especially when it comes to writing. A traditional school moves too fast for me to always understand the material. Now I can take more time to do my school work.

It’s no surprise that Nakita is a social person and enjoys being around her friends. Being at the School Hope doesn’t mean you learn alone. The school offers virtual classrooms where you can see and chat with other students and extra-curricular activities. Before class, we will get in touch with each other. Plus, we stay in touch through Facebook and other social media.

Nakita has advice for new students. If you are going to the School of Hope because you don’t want to go to school, it’s not going to work. If it fits your learning style, you are going to excel. Nakita plans to graduate from the School of Hope.