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Special Needs Students


Coded Students

If your child has been tested and coded by a previous school, please call the Vermilion office (780-853-2188) before completing the registration forms. A child who is coded with mild and moderate special needs (50’s) must be registered in our Teacher Directed Program. You may then be requested to complete a Confidential Referral Form and Permission to Enter a Special Education Program form in addition to the other registration forms.

Vermilion Home Schooling Program (Parent-Directed, Basic/Traditional Home Schooling)

Please Note: a student entering the Parent –Directed Vermilion Home Schooling Program is not eligible for special education assistance.

Severe Special Needs

Please Note: the School of Hope cannot accept students with severe special needs (code 40’s) in Teacher Directed Program. However these students can be registered in our Traditional Home School, Parent Directed Program.